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Anyone who is over the age of 18 years old, and who lives in one of the countries listed below can apply for a tournament hosted by Forex Champion.

  Australia (AU)
  Austria (AT)
  Canada (CA)
  Colombia (CO)
  Cyprus (CY)
  Czech Republic (CZ)
  Denmark (DK)
  Finland (FI)
  France (FR)
  Germany (DE)
  Greece (GR)
  Hong Kong (HK)
  Israel (IL)
  Italy (IT)
  Kuwait (KW)
  Macau (MO)
  Malaysia (MY)
  Mexico (MX)
  Netherlands (NL)
  Norway (NO)
  Poland (PL)
  Portugal (PT)
  Qatar (QA)
  Republic of Ireland (IE)
  Saudi Arabia (SA)
  Singapore (SG)
  Slovakia (SK)
  Spain (ES)
  Sweden (SE)
  Switzerland (CH)
  Taiwan (TW)
  Thailand (TH)
  United Arab Emirates (AE)
  United Kingdom (GB)

No.  Registration to Forex Champion is completely free of charge.

No.  All tournaments hosted by Forex Champion are completely free to enter.  There are some prerequisites to meet which you can read about in the full T&C’s on our website.

Anyone!  We accept applications from traders with all different backgrounds and experiences.

All Forex Champion tournaments are closely monitored by our team.  There are rules in place to make the playing field a level and fair one.  Anyone caught breaking the rules will be removed from a tournament.

Any balance in your trading account is yours and yours alone.  At no time should you give control of your account to anyone else.  If you decide to remove funds from your account, they will be deposited back to the card or account you originally funded the account from.

No.  We will never ask you for your login details.

The use of EA’s in a Forex Champion tournament is forbidden.  Manual trading only.

Cash prizes can be paid by cheque, bank transfer or PayPal.

Other prizes will be sent by recorded delivery.

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