We’re now over a week in to the start of our latest tournament, and thought it was time we caught up with the guy who’s topping our leader board…

Forex Champion: Zen!! Great to speak with you, and thanks for giving us a few moments of your time.

Zen Trader: My pleasure guys, thanks for reaching out!

FC: How are you feeling about being top of the leader board at the close of the first week?

ZT: It feels pretty cool. I know there is a very long way to go, but I’m sticking to my game plan, and things are working out so far.

FC: Interesting that you mentioned a game plan as that was going to be one of our questions. Can you tell us much about that?

ZT: NO! Just kidding. Without giving too much away, I’m an intraday trader, I focus on 4 or 5 pairs, and I risk a maximum of 3% per trade. No fancy indicators for me.

FC: Do you rely solely on technical analysis?

ZT: Yes. If there are major fundamentals then possibly I’ll stay away from the markets. Other than that, I’m a technical man.

FC: What is your previous Forex experience? Do you trade full time?

ZT: I’m purely self taught. I started around 3 years ago reading as much as I could from the internet and watching endless youtube videos. I soon found out that trying to learn too much can have the opposite effect – you start to drown in too many strategies and information. I don’t trade full time at the moment. I’m a web designer and work from home which gives me plenty of time to look at the charts during the day.

FC: As you already said, there is still a long way to go, but you’ve made a fantastic start. Any advice for your competition, or anyone looking to join the next tournament?

ZT: To my fellow trades in this comp “See you at the finish line”. To anyone thinking of joining a future tournament “Don’t delay, do it today”. Seriously, it’s great fun, there’s a very high chance of winning some really good prizes, and the communal areas are full of banter 🙂

FC: Zen Trader, thanks again for your time, and good luck for the remainder of the tournament.